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Who Is Your Favourite Simpsons Guest?

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The Simpsons has come in for some strong criticism recently following the documentary ‘The Problem With Apu which resulted in Hank Azaria, the actor who voiced Apu Nahasapeemapetilon stepping down from the role after 30 years while Harry Shearer also stepped down from voicing Springfield General Hospital Physician, Dr Julius Hibbert and was replaced by Kevin Richardson. Azaria, recently apologised for voicing Apu –

The show has covered so many different topics over the years, from same-sex marriage to religion and has featured hundreds of guest voice stars from the world of politics, sport, and entertainment throughout its 600 plus episode run. The Simpsons which is now owned by Disney was recently renewed for two more seasons which will see it through to season 34 at least.

The show has had countless guest stars appear as themselves, from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Rupert Murdoch himself who has appeared on the show on more than one occasion.

The show has also created a number of reoccurring cameo roles for actors such as Frasier star Kelsey Grammer who voices homicidal maniac Sideshow Bob who was Krusty The Clown’s side-kick and framed the TV star for armed robbery and was sent to prison by Bart and as a result has set out for revenge and has tried and failed on numerous occasions to kill Bart and The Simpsons.

Joe Mantegna was cast as mob boss Antony ‘Fat Tony’ D’Amico making his first appearance in the 1991 episode ‘Bart The Murderer. Prior to his death in 1998, Phil Hartman played a number of re-occurring roles on the show such as lawyer, Lionel Hutz, and Troy McClure.

To learn more about The Simpsons visit The Simpsons airs everyday Monday to Sunday in the Ireland and the UK on Sky 1 on satellite and cable and on Channel 4 on terrestrial television.

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