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Who is a social media influencer?

Photo credit : Free Images (flickr)

With over four billion active users on all social media accounts, social media has definitely taken the world by storm and people keep joining every day and opening new accounts on different social media applications.

Over a billion monthly active users are on applications like Twitter and Instagram. Regardless of this huge amount of people, there are people that stand out and get more followers than others because of different reasons and these people are often referred to as “social media influencers.”

Among these influencers is a Nigerian influencer, Olorunfemi Coker, who has over the years gathered a huge number of followers on his social media account and goes by the handle @femifactor. His content which is about humor, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, and travel started in 2008 and has gone to amass over two hundred thousand followers on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Olorunfemi Coker. Photocredit: femifactor

A social media influencer according to Olorunfemi is “someone with a voice, reach and high engagement, an opinion molder using social media platforms to shape his/her audience… the audience has to be large depending on the niche.” Being a social media influencer is not all fun and games, a lot of work go into it and building traffic is one of the major things an influencer must do and according to Olorunfemi he did this by “interaction, mapping out my audience and posting often.” He has carved a niche for himself by posting memes and by doing that, it helped to change the status of his social media accounts and so far he has not had any posts which he regrets.

A lot of companies from all over the world reach out to social media influencers like Olorunfemi for them to promote their product to their audience and they get paid to do this. “Your opinion is always welcomed, you get to reach places and people you have never seen or met” these are some of the benefits of an influencer and he didn’t consider himself one until people started seeing him as so. Everywhere he goes now, there’s always someone who recognizes him. There is really no room for trial error when it comes to being an influencer, you must always be aware and careful about what you post, “people start painting a lifestyle for you, no spaces for mistakes” according to Olorunfemi.

With so many social media influencers and rise of many new influencers, there is bound to be competition and one must learn how to handle it. Olorunfemi has learnt to do so by studying what they do, identifying with them and tapping into their audience if the audience is new or of a certain demographic that he likes. Regardless of competition, social media influencers tend to collaborate with each other and he sees this as a necessity as “no man is an island.”

femifactor and other social media influencers. photocredit: femifactor

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