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Kim Kardashian West launched a brand new KKW Fragrance collection inspired by her sisters. Kim Kardashian West has decided to keep it in the family for her next collaboration. Sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian teamed up with the beauty mogul to launch The Diamond Collection, a set of three perfumes, on November 8th 2019.

The KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney has an amazing scent, its a fragrance created for females to make them feel feminine, sexy and strong. Khloe wrote on Instagram saying “It’s such a dreamy scent with a mix of sweet floral and musk that can be worn from day to night. I’ve been wearing this non-stop and love it more and more every day.”

One unique feature about the collection which made people fall in love with the fragrance is that it contains three fragrances representing each sister. they are Pink Diamond (Khloe), Diamond Kim (Kim) and Yellow Diamond (Kourtney).

Khloe’s perfume is in a pink diamond bottle and described as a floral bouquet. it include Italian bergamot, something called Sparkling Pink Puff Violet Accord, tuberose, jasmine, sweet lilac blossom, musks, and woods. That’s to say it’s incredibly sweet, floral, and feminine—a perfume that captures the essence of pink.

Picture: Pinterest

Kourtney’s perfume is the Yellow Diamond, which is meant to smell like daylight and is a sparkling oriental gourmand. it include golden currant berries, jasmine, magnolia, iris, vanilla, patchouli, and musk.

Picture: Pinterest

The third perfume is a clear and classic diamond by Kim Kardashian West. Though she now has over a dozen fragrances in her KKW Fragrance line, this new one is a bouquet of white florals that smells creamy, airy, and nearly tropical. it include tropical floral leaves, sugar coated ginger, wild armoise morocco organic, ylang ylang oil cosmors orpur, orange flower absolute orpur, exotic sampaguita blossom, coconut milk cream, and musk.



Diamond Kim (KIM KARDASHIAN WEST) Picture: Pinterest

The Diamond trio fragrance collection captured the heart of the consumer and this is not because they are celebrities but because the fragrance intrigue consumers. The sisters are perfume collectors who wears everything from Versace blonde to Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb to Hermes 24 Faubourg. This make consumers to think they take on a fairly active role in designing their own fragrances alongside the Perfumers and Creative Directors.

What I found most surprising about this KKW Fragrance sisters inspired experiment is that everyone who tested it legitimately acted surprised, as if they didn’t think they were going to like it, or they thought it was going to smell like the sugary sweet celebrity scents that ran the early 2000s. For the record, I agree with them. I liked that it was floral and fresh, Kim Kardashian does really know what she’s doing.

As a Result, the Fragrance got the love of the consumers as seen below.



Picture: KKW Fragnance
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