White’s Out: A review of the Final Episode of Breaking Bad *SPOILERS ALL THE WAY*

It has been one of if not the most talked about TV shows and one of the reasons why people will be stirring clear of the internet. Since 2008, Vince Gilligan decided to create a show from an idea he thought of with a friend. While the idea of two guys cooking meth in a RV seemed ridiculous Gilligan along with amazing cast and crew cooked up a product as addictive to TV viewers as the show’s Blue Sky meth was to its customers. However, after five or six seasons of great drama, black comedy and a script with very quotable lines, the show came to an end last night. This article will review the last episode. Again this will contain spoilers from all 62 episodes. Below is the trailer that promoted the final episode.



After defying his “extractor” Ed’s (Robert Forster, Jackie Brown) orders of leaving New Hampshire ex drug kingpin Walter White returns to New Mexico for three reasons giving his family’s money back, wiping out the Nazis that stole everything from his empire led by Jack Welker (played by veteran actor Michael Bowen A.K.A Buck from Kill Bill) and getting what he feels he deserves from the Schwartz family (played by Jessica Hecht and Adam Godley) after leaving the company the three had founded. However like in all Breaking Bad, predictably doesn’t exist as Walt kills two birds with one stone. He intimidates Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz into giving Walter Jr. the last of his money anonymously on his 18th birthday. After that he surprised his perfectionist ex-associate Lydia as his former cook and Jack’s nephew Todd to discuss a new method of making meth without methylamine to which Lydia agrees to. Unbeknownst to her, Walt had laced her Stevia packet with the poison Ricin.




His final act before meeting Jack was made peace with his estranged peace by saying a proper goodbye to his wife, Skylar and giving the co-ordinates to the corpse of his brother in law Hank’s body who thanks to Walt was a victim at the hands of Jack. In the final showdown, Walt’s remote controlled M60 machinegun wiped out Jack’s gang, wounding the merciless leader. Walt’s former long-time cook and partner Jesse killed Todd who had be a thorn in Jesse’s side throughput season five. Walter realises his machine gun hit him too and asks Jesse to shoot him to which Jesse said no and left. Walt succumbs to his wounds before the police arrive.

Above is an interview with Bryan Cranston, who described the ending as “very Breaking Bad”. Like Cranston’s acting, his opinion is spot on. Shows like The Sopranos and recently, Dexter have offered endings that would make fans have disdain. However, Breaking Bad was different. It maintained that slick script and amazing cinematography that it had previously. Also the several nods to past episodes in the final act was stellar from Jesse’s killing Todd like Walter’s first murder of inaugural antagonist Krazy 8 to the irony of Jack attempting to bribe Walt  with cash when Walt did the same for Hank. Even that the first weapon of premeditated murder (Ricin) was used on Walt’s last distributor who said the same line (“We are going to make a lot of money together) as Walt’s first distirbutor and murder plot target Tuco.  Also note back in previous how Lydia always has Stevia with her tea. Devices like this make Vince Gilligan and the Breaking Bad team one of TV’s finest contributors and why it has a great fan base.




The unpredictably also played a factor as everyone expected someone to kill Walt. Yet it was his greatest enemy that killed him: himself and his ego. The last shot of him touching the lab equipment symbolising his true passion and final shot paying homage to the closing scene in the changing episode “Crawl Space” made the ending of the show tie up perfectly.



Breaking Bad and Walter White better known by criminals as Heisenberg may be dead. However, it left behind a legacy with a long list of videos, parodies, pictures, blogs, memes and reviews that will remain long into the future.  Heisenberg may be the latest one who knocks at Satan’s door and Jesse may be speeding towards freedom but their strip mall lawyer Saul Goodman will have his own spin off show on AMC. However given that isn’t for a while as the crew have to tread lightly on the script for the prequel, here is Jesse giving his catchphrase once more to cheer you up.

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