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Whine and Dine – A Facebook Community for the Amateur Cook In Everybody

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There’s no escaping the fact that most of us have been stuck at home since the pandemic first struck last year. For some it has meant taking up new hobbies and exploring areas of interest that they may not previously have had the time for. Cooking and baking have moved to the forefront of this at-home creation boom. In the US alone, a new bread making and baking fascination led to yeast shortages in grocery stores.

Although, experimentation in the kitchen doesn’t always lead to great success (who knew how many ways there are to bake banana bread?). So why not w(h)ine about the failures in a Facebook group? Whine and Dine will act as an online community group to share all of your culinary delights, share your recipes, experiences and whine to your heart’s content about those that failed. 

Both baking and cooking are not only great stress relievers, but they can also act as a distraction to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In April of 2020 I jumped on the bandwagon and made sourdough starter. Like any housepet it had to be fed and watered daily, but over time it meant that I had an outlet to focus on and step back from the depressing news cycle that can sometimes be overwhelming. This online community will act in the same way, only with real interaction between at home chefs and bakers.

By sharing your recipes and kitchen successes and failures, you might pick up tips and tricks that no good recipe book or cooking channel can teach. No lack of skill should deter anybody from trying out new recipes in the kitchen and with the help of a Facebook community, any mishaps can be discussed about and possibly fixed. So break out those cookbooks and unused appliances that have been gathering dust and share your creations with the group! To join click here.

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