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Which building suppliers are #oscailte during COVID-19?

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Do you need to get a few tins of paint delivered? Check out the #oscailte hashtag to find out who’s open in your area.

Despite the COVID-19 lock down, it seems one builder’s providers in Northern Ireland has decided to reopen “due to increasing customer and industry demand for the supply of building materials”.

Carryduff Building Supplies announced yesterday that it was starting to take orders from the public again, abiding to personal distancing rules.

Builder’s merchants and DIY outlets shut up shop on an all island basis at the end of March to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Since then, there haven’t been many traders to turn to apart from those willing to supply quotations over the phone or by email.

What is clear is that at the time of writing on the 16th of April 2020, ready mixed concrete deliveries or insulation were harder to find than, say, paint.

For instance online supplier is currently only delivering paint and garden supplies to the public.

And so in the Republic, deliveries seem to be the only way to get any kind of supplies. With the 2km restriction on movement still in place, picking up goods – even at a safe distance – is almost impossible.

In fact yesterday, the first person was charged for violating the 2km rule.

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Share your knowledge!

Use the hashtag #oscailte on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share who’s open in your area (with a photo if you can – taking delivery or picking up items) and we will update this thread.

Oscailte meaning open in Irish 🙂

Above all, Stay Safe.

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