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Where does the expression “Black Friday” come from?

Today, on the 29th of November happen the event called “the Black Friday”. Everyone knows it as a day where shops made huge discounts. Very popular in the US, it happened every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But when and where this term has appeared? The circular has investigated for you. 

-70%, -80% of discounts, everyone knows these types of ads during the “Black Friday”. But not a lot of people known its origin. According to the French newspapers “ Le Parisien,” the first time that this term was used dates back to 1869. It referred to an economic crash. But during the 20th century, the expression disappears until the 1960s. The term was used in the 60s to designate the huge traffic jam after Thanksgiving (which is always on the fourth Thursday of November). After Thanksgiving, people came back home as a consequence: roads were blocked and people are stuck in their cars.


“Black Friday” became a sort of “holy day” because people were not going to work after Thanksgiving. According to the neuroscience researcher Bonnie Taylor-Blake, people were too tired and too drunk in order to go to work. As a consequence, companies decided to “give” this day as a bank holiday. According to Taylor-Blake, people are not going to work even there is no agreement. So, if they create a day, companies were aware that nobody is going to work the following day of Thanksgiving. 

As it is a bank holiday, people are going to shops in order to begin their Christmas purchase. As a consequence: storekeepers understand that they have to make huge discounts to take advantage of the situation. Every year, it is chaos.

So, another myth with the “Black Friday” come from this idea. At this moment of the year, most of the storekeepers are in difficulties before Christmas. So if there is in deficit, they have to write in red in their accounting. But thanks to this day, storekeepers continue to write in black. As a consequence:  the term “Black Friday”.

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