5 places in Dublin for a budget-friendly Christmas gift?

Photo by Andrea Piacquiadio from pexels

Photo by cottonbro studio from pexels

Every year, Christmas presents are a big deal for everyone. Finding the best gift for the person you love is very complicated and more with a small budget. Here are the five best places in dublin to find bargains.

1) Penneys Store

Photo by brokenamiral from pexels
Photo by brokenamiral from pexels

The first place to find a Christmas gift is the famous Penneys brand. There you can find what you want: decoration, clothes, home affairs, makeup and most importantly, they have a great Christmas collection. Penneys is known for its affordable and affordable fashion. There is something for everyone, perfect for making personalized and cheap gifts! There are so many Penneys in and out of Dublin, you can find one that suits you.

2) Dunnes Store

Dunnes store is the same vibe as Penneys. It’s a great brand in Dublin that sells so many different things for all types of people for a small budget. They have a department child, woman, man, home, accessories and the value for money is excellent. The bonus of Dunnes is that they offer a delivery service if you do not have time to worry about your Christmas gifts.🎁

3) Søstrene Grene

This Danish brand is perfect for Christmas. You can find interior design, stationery, gift packaging, crafts, kitchenware and children’s toys and all at reasonable prices. There are weekly restocks with exclusive, original and perfect products to offer. Søstrene Grene is also perfect to decorate your home for Christmas! 🎄

Photo by Gül Işık from pexels

Photo by Gül Işık from pexels

4) Boots

Boots is an English pharmacy chain that offers many choices of international beauty, cosmetics and perfumery brands. It can be a very good idea of gifts for men and women and there is something for everyone. There are many Christmas boxes and very interesting promotions. ⭐️

5) Eason

At Eason you can find what you need in books, magazines and Irish products. There is a large international book department where you can find your happiness! 📚 Offering books at Christmas is a good opportunity to share knowledge and customize the gift according to tastes. A book is timeless and can be enjoyed anytime.

Finding where to buy your Christmas gifts is one thing but there are many other activities to occupy your Christmas period ⬇️

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