Where is the cheapest pint of Guinness in Temple Bar?

Guinness might just be the most popular drink in Ireland! Every tourist visiting Ireland have come to one of the many pubs of Temple Bar to taste it. But even if the usual price would be around €4-5, some pubs take advantage of their location to sell a pint of Guinness at a higher price.

So to answer the question I tried to compile the prices of a pint of Guinness charged by the pubs in Temple Bar. I went to 23 different pubs. I didn’t try to do the “23 Pubs of Temple Bar” (the deadly variant to the “12 Pubs of Christmas”). I just checked their price list. By law they have the obligation to display the price list of the drinks they serve in an are accessible by the public. Even though the price list is sometimes hidden in the pub, or not displayed at all!

Then I transferred all this data into an excel sheet. Using Google Maps I imported the data into a map and here it is!


How to read the map:

  • Each marker represents a pub.
  • The lighter the colour, the cheaper the pint of Guinness is.
  • By clicking on a marker you can find the address of the pub and the actual price.
  • Note that the data was collected on the 22/11/2015 and they might have changed since.
  • Also the prices are for a pint of Guinness during the day. Some licensed pubs increase their price in the evening (usually around 11pm).

Here is the same map if you’re looking to buy a pint of Guinness at 11pm on a Saturday:



Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a map for Dublin in its entirety?

We can do this! Send me a picture of the price list of the Pub you’re going to or just a picture of a receipt! I will take care of adding a new marker to the map.



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