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Hardly a day passes without, new and creative hashtags about the post-coronavirus era popout.

#WhenWeTravelAgain is a hashtag created by the Travel Editor of Irish Independent Pól Ó Conghaile. To let people take a break from COVID-19 news and help to dream about the time they will be able to travel again. 


Pandemic COVID-19 changed the daily life of all humanity one way or another. But mostly many of the people are staying at home in order to protect themselves and society. This simple fact leads people to miss out on daily life habits or even more to travel around.

That freedom seems all the alluring now.

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As Conghaile puts in words in his article on Irish Independent “But I’m also missing travel. Hitting the road and reporting on it is my life, my work, something that puts a smile on my face.

That’s why I took to Twitter (above) on a mission. I looked for inspiring photos from our travels, taken anytime, anywhere. All they needed do was transport us for a moment, allow us to take a breath amidst relentless COVID-19 news feeds.”

That is the reason why he started his trending hashtag with a picture of Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal to make people recall their beautiful memories and inspire others.

As a response to #WhenWeTravelAgain photos have been popping all over the world.




Did you contribute to #WhenWeTravelAgain? Where would you like to be now? Share with us on comments.


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