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If the news becomes too much, take a step back or try lighter alternatives

The pandemic has changed how much news media we consume and via what platforms. Photo by brotiN biswaS from Pexels.

For many, there may appear to be a neverending doom and gloom news cycle these days, at times making it difficult to properly understand the latest headlines. Although over consumption of the news leading to news fatigue and stress isn’t anything new, when the pandemic struck, most of us became even more dependent on some form of news and media to stay up to date with the latest guidelines and public health advice. However, in the US and around the world, many feel particularly overwhelmed because of this constant pandemic focused news cycle. 

This video is 2 years old, however, with the constant hard news cycle from the Covid-19 Pandemic, it maintains relevance today.

It’s completely fine to switch-off the news and be aware that what you’re consuming can be too much at times. However, there are many new ways that aim to deliver the news in an easier to consume and more casual setting (for example Stay Tuned from NBC on Snapchat or the talk-show style Fresh Air podcast from NPR) for those who still want to keep up-to-date on the latest headlines, minus the fatigue. Despite transformations in the traditional news cycle in the US to the podcast format, there are not as many options available on the Irish podcast market.

‘What’s the buzz?’ aims to bridge the gap between the doom and gloom of the regular news by delivering informative news and talk radio opinion, while trying to deliver a light hearted approach for easier listening. This podcast gives all the latest weekly news and entertainment headlines, while striking the right balance between both hard and soft news, with brief conversation on the topics discussed, provoking thought for the listener.

The stories included on this week’s edition of ‘What’s the buzz?’ (recorded on Tuesday the 19th of January) were: the high rate of deaths reported in Ireland combined with lowering case numbers from the Covid-19 pandemic; the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as president and vice-president in the US (here’s how the international press reported it) and how plans had to adapt because of the Capitol riots from weeks prior; 10 Downing Street having to deny that Boris Johnson take periodical naps during the day and finally; a 500 year old painting was returned to an Italian museum after it was found in an apartment building.

Listen below:

Click here for tips if you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant news cycle.

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