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WhatsApp Moms Are Back Again!!!

Image by Flickr showing a woman pressing her phone

With the advent of coronavirus pandemic, the WhatsApp moms are back at it again, and this time they are stronger than ever. They have new rules and regulations and different conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. An example of this is a video of a mom instructing all other moms to put onions in every corner of their room as this is effective in getting rid of the coronavirus. Or of how the 5ghz is the cause of the coronavirus epidemic.

Online newspapers like the Sun, Metro, and Mail online wrote articles on the onion as a cure to the pandemic, in which they advised mothers to stop doing.

WhatsApp moms are always not mothers, they can be older aunties, grandma, uncles, sisters, etc who sends WhatsApp broadcast messages to everyone on their contact list especially their kids about new developments and solutions to everything in good faith. Sorely because they are scared or worried.

I for one know as a fact that my mum is a WhatsApp mom, who will send all sorts of messages about anything she thinks is harmful about my health to me. Lots of other kids have also come out on various social media to speak about their experiences. Below are funny tweets compilations of these messages.


According to Mayank Narang, he gave advice on how to tell our parents to stop sending general messages. “I tell my Mother that, mom it will fill up your mobile’s memory and slow down your phone and you will not be able to store your granddaughter’s picture. So download only important images and videos. It will also save your data too. All I can suggest is, you should say words like please and talk gently in a low tone”.

I am also interested in your #watsappmom story. Leave your story in the comment section below. Thanks very much.

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