What was awesome in the 90s.

90's - Photo credit Huffington post
90's - Photo credit Huffington post
90's - Photo credit Huffington post
90’s – Photo credit Huffington post

As nineties’ kids we have probably all noticed that these awesome times are totally back in force. From fashion to games, we start from now approximatively two years  to see  what we used to love (or hate sometimes) during our childhood, back again. But unfortunately, these times are gone and even tho a few things are coming back, there are still so many things that we miss about it. Here is a little list of the best things we used to have at the time.

Awesome toys: everyone of us, boys or girls used to have Tamagotchies, Magic mitt, pogs or yo-yos’ but this was not the only great toy at the time, we used to cherish our furbys so much,  which by the way, exasperated our parents so much.

What we called at the time “new technologies

Style. Probably one the things that we see reappearing the most. From denim dungarees and G shocks , to chockers and mom jeans, 90’s fashion seems to be definitely back. A trend that is only going stronger when it comes to shoes and the come-back of the stan smith, now even coming back again with velcros. I can’t wait for the lights in our soles.

Sure they would be considered as totally fashionable nowadays too - Photo credit Flickr
Sure they would be considered as totally fashionable nowadays too – Photo credit Flickr

The comics. Who, born in the nineties, never complained about todays anime? And this is totally normal because we used to have the best. Ninja turtles, Magic bus, Power rangers or Rugrats are to our hearts probably the bests anime ever. And this is only speaking about TV, because we all know that Lion King or Aladdin and their songs, where way better than most of what we can see today.

In the same kind, we can probably also claim the best TV shows. Beverly hills, The Prince of bel air, The Olsen sisters or Friends, were definitely something else than what’s on TV todays.

That would probably sound like we were all TV nerds, but let’s face it we had it all, and movies where not out of the competition. Remember Jurassic park? Of course you do, everyone does. Because it was just great. And if only this was the only great movie of this times but the fact is that there are plenty of others: Mrs Doubtfire, Home alone, Notting hill, Matrix, Independence day, Men in black, Titanic, Bodyguard, Pretty Woman, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs… This list is just incredibly long and iconic.

Speaking of Iconic, here is another things we could definitely miss, our “It girls” were really something… Drew barrymore , Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, were just so much better than Kim Kardashian and today’s “icons”.

Oh and we had awesome boys too : the still awesome Spike lee, Jared Leto, Matt PerryKurt Cobain, and of course a whole lot of others.

One other thing that was totally great at the time was Games. It’s true that today’s video games are incredible of reality, but seriously, who doesn’t like, even still today, to play Sonic or Tetris ? Who wouldn’t love to have an old game boy to play to the very first Pokemon?

And since we went also the first internet kids, we also used to know that song and also this one.

Finally, one last thing, that we can’t of course forget about the nineties, is the music. We had such awesome songs… Here are twelve of my favourites:

Of course the spice gilrs comes in first, who hasn’t danced on that song?

My favourite for sunny vacation days

Alright, this may be a very late 90s song, but it’s still a great one

Their styles are pretty memorable to…

Still a classic

He didn’t change…

I actually did not remember their name, but this song tho

Probably one of the biggest classic here.

Of course!

Let’s remember where Beyonce started.

He’s still very good, but this one is unforgettable right?

The best years of the Wu-Tang

Sorry for all these videos, but I just can’t choose between them… 


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