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What to expect when you’re dating a Journalist

Hamza Butt'

Minimum wage, crazy working hours and an ego higher than the Empire State Building… It’s no surprise you either want to be us – or be with us. If you are lucky enough to get involved with a journalist, the fun has just begun. Here’s what to expect from this one of a kind species.


Nils Tegmo


They ask millions of questions.

Who? When? Where? Why? How? You can’t miss a single detail when telling a story. They will make you feel super uncomfortable and bombard you with questions as if you are giving an interview. Anyways, enjoy the moment while it lasts. This is the only time the world doesn’t revolve around the journalist.

They’re always on the job.

Interesting acquaintances, fun events or that cute local store – they always look at what could make the next great story. When you’re on date night in a restaurant and they seem focussed, it is not because they are enjoying the food. They are already writing the review in their head!

They’ve heard of everything – before you do.

Just read an exciting article and can’t wait to share it with your loved one? Please don’t bore them with yesterday’s news. They’ve probably already read and shared it on their Facebook feed like an hour ago.

They send you examples of their work every single day.

Most people don’t share their daily work with everyone. A doctor will most likely not post a pic of his patient and the police won’t share private information of their new cases with you. But it’s part of the journalist’s job to keep you posted with their latest work. Expect a number of WhatsApp notifications every day waiting for your feedback on their newest publications. But be careful: the vain mind of a journalist depends on your positive critiques.

Good is bad and bad is good

While the rest of the world is in shock after a scandal or catastrophe, the journalist has trouble keeping his excitement to himself. Think of all the stories he can write! After all, nothing is more boring than peace and happiness.

They are all over Social Media

Which basically means that you are all over Social Media. Congratulations, you now have your very own paparazzi! Whether you’re enjoying a book or just sleeping in like the cutest pose, they always make sure to snap a pic and put it online.

No one can compete with them

Did I mention that journalists can be a bit self-centred? This not only means how great they think are, it also includes how everyone else isn’t. You can’t just chill and watch the news. The journalist will give you a speech on why his colleague on TV isn’t being objective, consumer-friendly or whatever. He will think of something for sure.

They have the weirdest contacts in their phone

Of course, you would never go through your loved one’s phone. But what if they’re taking a shower? It is your duty to make sure your partner doesn’t miss an important text! But you’ll soon learn that you have nothing to worry about. Unless you think the journalist is flirting with the leader of the “National Association of owners of white rats with brown eyes” or another one of their weird phone contacts.


With all the trouble, one thing’s for sure: It never gets boring with a journalist. So don’t forget to swipe right the next time one pops up on Tinder! And you better hope they are not just using the app to research for a social report.



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