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What to do in an abusive relationship

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Being in a relationship can be overwhelming sometimes. It is a kind of feeling that you have which makes you feel whole or complete. You feel protected, loved, cherished, cared for, and many more feelings that can sometimes not be explained.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

But also, relationships can be a Burden if you are with the wrong person. We can’t know who the right or wrong person is until we actually date that said person.

One major mindset to have when going into a relationship is that nobody is perfect, and we can’t really tell the behaviours of people at first until we get to know them. Unfortunately, most people end up in abusive relationships. It is never easy to get out of one but if You do find yourself in an abusive relationship, please do everything humanly possible to get out of it. You might feel they would change because they constantly profess their love for you. Don’t risk your health and sanity just because you want a partner. Love is a beautiful experience but love does not cause suffering.

Here are a few warning signs to look out for:

  • You fear your partner.
  • You are continually ‘treading lightly on account of his emotional episodes.
  • You invest your energy working out what sort of state of mind he/she is in and the attention is consistently on his/her necessities.
  • He/She loses his/her temper effectively and over minor things.
  • He/She has hit you or nearly hit you as well as your kids.
  • Your partner has been harsh in a past relationship.
  • They reprimand your loved ones or potentially make it hard for you to see them or converse with them all alone.
  • They attempt to control parts of your life, for example, regardless of whether you work, and where; who you see and when; what you can spend; what you can wear; what you watch or tune in to on the radio or TV.
  • They request to know the passwords to your email record and long-range interpersonal communication pages.
  • He/She has taken steps to threaten to kill you or to commit suicide, on the off chance that you leave him.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Remember, if you do not feel safe in your relationship there are many people out here to help you get out. And if you are willing to stay in the relationship, take steps to protect yourself;

Choose and plan where you will go in the event that you do venture out from home (regardless of whether you don’t think you’ll have to).

Make up a code word to let the kids, companions, family, or a neighbour realize that you’re in a tough situation and need assistance.

On the off chance that it is protected to do as such, keep a purse/short-term pack with significant telephone numbers and things in where you can snatch it in the event that you need to leave in a rush.

Always have a spare phone hidden somewhere, you can use it to call for help.

We all would like to end up in a perfect relationship but it does not always happen that way for some people. Just be cautious and keep your guard up so that you are protected.

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  1. Well said Matilda,
    It’s often target someone’s insecurities , but it can vary in form, ranging from shouting and humiliation to more subtle and manipulative tactics.

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