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What makes spring the best of all seasons?

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Spring season in many ways is a celebration of new things coming together. It breathes a new life into flowers as well as humans. Seeing flowers and leaves bloom brings a new joy and feeling of hope. The beaming sunlight through the window refreshes the mood. The weather change has a deeper impact on one’s overall wellbeing. Many experience a drastic alteration in the way they have been feeling mentally and emotionally. There have been studies that prove the influence of seasonal variation on mental health. For instance, researchers have linked the gloomy and chilled winters to one of the causes of depression.

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The moderate weather during spring season is considered the most balanced and favourable climate by many. The increased day light enables one to complete more activities during the day time. The warm and pleasant weather allows one to step out for a walk or other recreational activities. The climate allows one to soak more vitamin D, making bones healthier.

The weather becomes more refreshing as air purifies further thanks to growing plants that absorb more carbon dioxide. There are specific seasonal fruits one can enjoy during the delightful spring season like apricots, peaches, kiwis, cherries, etc. Many birds that migrate during the winter season return back during spring. A UK study had found that watching more birds in the neighborhood can help improve mental health. Many animals reproduce during spring, so one can witness plenty of baby animals around. Lastly, festivities like Easter and St. Patrick’s Day are known to make the season more cheerful.

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