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What it takes to be on the Radio?

Welcome back to The Circular, our own little corner of the Internet. Today’s post will be of great interest to anyone looking for a career in the media or anyone currently studying Journalism.  Today we are going to be looking at what it takes to get on the radio. I actually both shot and edited this video and had such an amazing experience creating it. I managed to get RTÉ broadcaster Neil Doherty to do an interviewer with me . The actual video itself was filmed on location at the RTÉ studios in Donnybrook which was amazing to see and explore. My idea around this was that I am studying Journalism but I never was told or explained how you actually go up the ranks and become someone in a high up position in a media company such as RTÉ. Neil himself started at the very bottom and explains in the video how he managed to work his way to what is essentially the very top. For this reason I thought that many others similar to myself would find some value in the journey towards the top of the media ladder. During the video I was shown a lot of studios and rooms around the area. I was shown how everything works and even got to use the decks myself and see a live broadcast happen. Have a watch and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave me some feedback!

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