What Is Your Favourite Viral Video?

We can’t help but watch them. Whether it’s The Evolution of Dance or Ant & Seb (Come on move yo body), we watch — then tell our friends to watch — and pretty soon a video has gone viral.

What are your favorite viral videos? Why?

Apparently, Noah Ritter wins every time.

(That is a hugely bias statement from me)

But Curtis is never far behind.

That might sound slightly menacing, and to be honest, it kind of is, the man doesn’t mess around.

But of course, one couldn’t fully complete a ‘Viral Video’ Post without including the following golden oldie.

You guessed it, Charlie Bit My Finger.

Although in May of this year the video, watched almost 900 million times sold for €621,000.

This means that the family who created it will take down the original from YouTube for good. The original video, features Charlie Davies-Carr, an infant in England, biting the finger of his big brother, Harry Davies-Carr, and then laughing after Harry yells, “OWWWW!” The new owner of this Clip will also be able to create their own parody of the video featuring Charlie and Harry.

Of course many duplicates of the video remain online in one way or another, including one apparently rebranded by the family itself in anticipation of the auction.

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