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What is keeping people from cycling more?

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I was surprised the other day by the number of drivers stuck in traffic, despite the amazing weather, there were very few cyclists on the road. But why so many people still refrain from cycling? One of the possibilities is our own cycling infrastructure. According to the Central Statistics Office Ireland, 31% said they would cycle if it was safer to do so.

European Cyclists Federation said that EU countries are missing the great opportunity to make big changes in the post-pandemic plan. Only six of the EU members have good cycling plans, investing millions of euro in the health of its citizens and a greener home. Ireland has no plan publicly available at the moment.

In fact, Ireland is featured in the Guardian’s list of terrible bike lanes, along with many other countries. The photos show problems that are very similar to the ones we have in Dublin: bike lanes blocked by cars, confusing signage, dangerously narrow paths shared with buses, potholes and more.

Isis Rocha has had 4 accidents cycling in the city, one of them outside Trinity college when a car squeezed her out of the road and she fell in the Luas line “since the Luas was stopped in the traffic light, the driver saw me there and he gave me time to get up and off the road.” Luckily she wasn’t seriously injured.

Last year, the government announced it would spend €360 million a year on cycling and pedestrian projects. They hope to exponentially increase the number of children cycling and walking to school. The future is looking bright for cyclists, the question now is” when?”

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