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-Video: 2 minutes to understand demonstrations in Chile in October 2019

Pillaging, riots, demonstrations, the situation in Chile since one week has been out of control. The starting point of this situation is the increasing of subway prices. From 800 to 830 pesos (1,04 euros).

This increase was the second one after one in January 2019. As a consequence, Chilean people go in the street. Demonstrators have degraded the subway line. According to the subway owner, it will cost nearly 630 000 euros. In the beginning, it was an economic movement.

Now, the protestation is more like a social and anti-elite movement. Unfortunately, the human toll is heavy. Many people died, a lot of injured.

The last Saturday, The President has declared the state of emergency in Santiago, the capital. As a consequence, the Chilian’s head of state has decided to put the army in the street. This decision amplifies mobilization in this country. The Chilean president Sebastian Pinera has announced some economics measures.

He tries to stop the contestation in his country. The Circular explains to you in two minutes the situation in the South American Country.

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