What is FRQfm?

FRQfm is something I’m very proud to be a part of. But what is it? Well on it’s Facebook page it describes it self as “A brand new type of radio station, because it’s not a “radio” station. FRQ is a digital only station, with the best new music and brand new talent.”

That is a very modest description of itself, it is actually so much, it as an outlet for to be radio presenters to shape their skills. In fact it does for presenters/ producers what The Circular does for writers, it opens a venue where amateurs can train themselves to become pro’s.

It is currently run by Spin 1038’s very own Brian Maher, and it is housed in Spin’s studios. Heres the best part, anyone with an interest in broadcasting can get involved. All you have to do is email a sample of your work to talent@frq.fm and if it’s any good you could potentially have your very own radio show!

So what is a show on FRQ like? Well for your listing connivance I’ve supplied one of the shows I’ve done, it’s a live recording just like you would expect with fm radio. But if you want to catch a show live you can listen here. Also I would recommend you follow FRQ on twitter so you can see when different presenters are going to be on. If you liked my show you can follow me on twitter here and receive updates directly from me the next time I’m live.

So is this something you’d get involved in? What type of show would you produce?
Johnny B live FRQ show

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