What is Irish Formula Vee? – Ireland’s most popular single seater motor racing

Irish Formula Vee racing at Bishopscourt
Formula Vee racing at Bishopscourt - Photo Credit: Cregor Elliott / Cregor News.

Irish Formula Vee – A preview of Ireland’s most popular single seater motor racing

What is Irish Formula Vee? 

Irish Formula Vee, formally known as ‘Irish Formula Volkswagen’, came to Ireland in the mid 1970’s. Formula Vee provides one of the most affordable motorsports in Ireland. The racing season hosts 8 race meetings per year, in Ireland, of which 7 are championship events and a select few are double header events.

Irish Formula Vee racing at Bishopscourt
Formula Vee racing at Bishopscourt – Photo Credit: Cregor Elliott / Cregor News

Where can I race in Ireland?

Most Formula Vee races are held at Mondello Park in Kildare. Kirkistown and Bishopscourt in County Down also host races throughout the year.

What kinds of championships are there? 

In Irish Formula Vee, there are 3 different championships which have been created for different types of racers. For the veteran racing driver there is the ‘A Championship’, for the seasoned racer there is the ‘B Championship’ and for the rookie driver there is the ‘C Championship’.

Irish Formula Vee 'A Championship Podium'
Formula Vee – ‘A Championhip’ Podium – Photo Credit: Cregor Elliott / Cregor News

How much does it cost? 

Your first race year can cost around €15,000, which is relatively inexpensive for one of the most expensive sports in the world. Drivers can also opt into getting sponsorship, which can be a great help financially. Remember that you will need to show potential sponsors that you are capable of promoting their business!

What kind of car is the Formula Vee? 

Irish Formula Vee is an open wheel single seater racing car. Each car is regulated to 1600cc power output.

Formula Vee contains many old and new models of the race car in Ireland, most of which are produced by the ‘Leastone Racing Team’ and ‘Sheane Racing’. Racing Drivers in Ireland may make modifications to their cars to get an edge on competition or for personal preference.

Is Formula Vee popular? 

Formula Vee is one of the most popular motorsports in Ireland, due to its history. Around the world, Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi and Keke Rosberg, all previously Formula 1 champions, all raced in Formula Vee at the start of their careers.

Irish Formula Vee in Paddock
A Formula Vee racing team at work in the Paddock – Photo Credit: Cregor Elliott / Cregor News.

For more information and a look at a Formula Vee racing car, check out the video below.


For more information on the sport and how to get started, check out the link below:



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