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What is Corona Virus called in your local dialect?

Photo Credit: by Marry Lisa

On Wednesday, the coronavirus pandemic reached 2 million confirmed infections and 130,000 deaths worldwide— grim milestones that experts say understate the true spread and infection toll due to lack of research.

Just as some European nations, including Germany, hoping that the worst is behind them, continue to take deliberate measures to remove restrictions imposed to slow down the virus, outbreaks are still considered far from their peaks in other parts of the world.

In the U.S., the lack of testing capability has emerged as a hallmark weakness in the response of the Trump administration and now threatens to hamper attempts across the world to prepare for eventual economic reopening.

On 28 January 2020, Nigeria’s Federal Government informed the country’s people of its readiness to improve surveillance at the country’s five international airports to prevent coronavirus spread. Airports were declared by the government as Enugu, Lagos, Rivers, Kano and the FCT.  The 27th February was when Nigeria confirmed its first case in Lagos State, an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria had returned from Milan, Italy via Murtala Muhammed International Airport on 25 February, fallen ill on 26 February and was moved to isolation and testing facilities in Lagos State for biosecurity.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Nigeria, the country has gradually gone Into the severe form of decline both economically and socially just like the rest of some other countries of the world. People have now tried to fill the void created in their social life by joining various online platforms and visual communities. In one of these platforms, a question was asked as to what “CoronaVirus or COVID-19” is called in various native and regional languages peculiar to Nigeria and West Africa since the common name of the virus is assumed to be western.

Here are some of the hilarious name some people call the virus.

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