Audio: What happens when your Dad says he wants to make a podcast?

Imagine your dad turns to you and says, “I want to make a podcast”.

What would your dad make his about?

This is what happened to me last year, when my father decided he wanted to make a podcast all about innovation in the farm and food sector in Ireland.

Now, everyone knows what its like to explain technology to parents, so you’ll excuse me if I was a bit hesitant when he asked me for my help.

I mean showing my parents how to login to Netflix was about the height of it. I never thought I’d have to show my Dad how do a tape sync, or record a Skype interview, or brainstorm a name for his podcast, or give him feedback on the amount of times he says ‘yes’ in agreement in an interview (Just nod your head like a told you!)

But all of this did happen, and it’s been so interesting to work with my Dad in a way that most people never interact with their parents. I’m really proud of the 10 episodes he’s published so far and the rest he has in the pipeline.

I know from experience that it’s hard enough to maintain a podcast when you’re young and in the know when it comes to all things technological. So, I really admire my Dad for the work he’s done so far and for what’s ahead.

The podcast is called ‘Salt of the Earth’ and its all about:

…people making a difference in farm & food. Ireland produces some of the best food in the world – and it’s about connecting the people who produce the food with those who consume it. Ag consultant, Brendan Byrne talks to some of the most interesting & innovative minds on the island, brings you stories on sustainability and human health from a global food angle.

Brendan Byrne

I’ve helped him produce and edit all the episodes so far, but this one is by far my favourite. Check it out below.

Episode Description: A chance conversation in the local pub one-night, sparked Eavaun Carmody’s interest in reviving a cattle breed, called Dexter. She has since developed it into a successful enterprise, producing a range of premium meat, charcuterie, leather and milk products. It’s a unique and intriguing story – all told and sold under the Killenure Gourmet Dexter Beef brand, at Killenure Castle in Co. Tipperary.

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