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What Does Your Jewellery Mean To You?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

For most people, wearing jewellery is just something that we do – putting on earrings, rings, or necklaces has become habit. It has become part of our daily routine, and we rarely stop to ask why it is that we wear it. You can tell a lot about a person by the jewellery they wear. Jewellery has become a way for individuals to express themselves and make them feel beautiful.

What is interesting, however, is to take a look into the history of jewellery. Humans have been wearing jewellery for nearly 75,000 years, and have done so for a variety of reasons. Back in the day, jewellery was often worn as a symbol of status by pharaohs, kings, emperors, and tsars alike for centuries. Precious materials such as gemstones have always been sacred, and jewellery became a way of displaying wealth and importance.

But jewellery did have more modest beginnings as some of the earliest jewellery found was crafted from leather, shells, feathers, berries, animal teeth and bones. These were later developed into the precious stones and handcrafted metals that we wear today. These materials were scavenged and crafted into unique pieces worn by ancient peoples as far back as the neanderthals.

Jewellery is all about the materials, and there is another theory that jewelry was popularized because of the supernatural and healing powers that ancient Pharaohs believed that some stones possessed. Amulets with magical gemstones were sacred and deeply respected, and held cultural and spiritual significance to the Ancient Egyptians. Even today, we wear pendants with crystals such as quartz not only because they are beautiful but because of the amazing qualities they may possess. It is comforting to some to wear jewellery made with stones and crystals that are said to help with everything from courage to love, and can often serve as a reminder to nurture these qualities in ourselves and certain areas of our lives. If you are interested to find similar subjects, check here these men’s pendants catalog.

Image by Starbright from Pixabay.

While the history of jewellery is expansive and interesting, the reasons why we wear jewellery today may be more simple. Most of us wear jewellery because we like how it looks. Wearing jewellery can be a way to express oneself, to complete an outfit, and to make a statement. Some people love the sounds of bangles as they move on the wrist, while others enjoy the hidden sparkle of gold link charm bracelets like this one here. Often there is more than one reason why we wear a certain piece, but is usually because it makes us feel more like ourselves. Either way, jewellery is one way to adorn your body and bring extra beauty to life. If you need jewelries like necklaces, engagement rings, etc., you may visit sites like to view more options.

Jewellery is also important because often times it has personal significance. Wedding rings passed down through families remind people of their heritage, while some collect pieces of jewellery to remind them of their travels or a specific event in their life. If you want to find an special piece to remember an special moment or maybe even propose marriage there are some fine choices with lab grown diamonds.

The following video gives you an insight to my personal jewellery collection and showcases a few of my favourite pieces, most notably my Patrick Mavros collection and my gold engraved family necklace.

*Disclaimer: Non of the jewellery mentioned is sponsored and is merely my own opinion.

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