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What day of the week

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As Countries continue to extend dates of lockdown and enforce restrictions to ensure instructions are followed in a bid slow down the spread of the covid 19 virus, there is no denying the fact that due to the lockdown, many people are beginning to lose track of the time and even ask the question “What day is it?”

It is evident that the way in which lives and events have transformed within this short space of time and this has heavily impacted daily routines, as many individuals no longer have to wake up at a certain time in order to be punctual for school or work and this has resulted in many people losing track of time.

According to ZoomTV, It is easy to lose track of time when you spend a vast majority of time indoors and this is because any kind of change in your routine means a disruption in the body clock. From adjusting to sleeping late to waking up late and having breakfast at lunchtime and lunch a little past dinnertime it is no surprise many are losing track of time.

On twitter, people have begun to use the hashtag #whatdayisit, is it Monday, Tuesday or Montueswedthursfrisatsunday? to find answers to this current dilemma.


As every good question deserves an answer, some twitter users have taken it upon themselves to give daily updates and solve a bit of this ongoing challenge faced by many.



Sometimes, it might be difficult to believe what a big bird or the drunken tenor says but with Fox News bringing daily updates with an episode called what day is it with Todd Meany, it’s safe to say that problem is far behind us.

Just a reminder today is Thursday the 23rd of April 2020, stay safe.


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