What calling your mother says about you.


Today is Mother’s day which some cynics call a ” Hallmark makey up day”.  It is a day when restaurants and florists charge exorbitant prices in order for children and husbands to give the lady of the house some tender loving care.

Children and broke students make cards, pick flowers from their own gardens and make the dinner just to make the woman who often went through numerous hours of labour to give them life, feel special.

I have compiled a list of the 5 titles used for that one woman in your life who will never acknowledge when your room is tidy but will always defend you if you ever got arrested.



“Mammy I will do the dishes you go sit down…you know that new bike we were looking at the other day”

“Mam I will be home in an hour”

“Ma whats for dinner”

This means that you are Irish.




And she says things like:





“Philip could you be so kind to your  dear old mother and fetch the chorizo from the fridge”

(Said towards angry teenager who isn’t being let go to teenage discos) “Yes but when all comes to all, I am your mother and what I say goes”



A rather cold and matter of fact name for the woman who gave you life, often used by those with money and when being given a stern talking too.


Often used by Americans to call out towards the one that brings you special meals.


“Janice I got a B+ test in my geography test but I feel it is wrong to test me alongside my peers as everyone is different”


This is the path chosen by those who wish to live in a society were there is no titles, no boundaries and no restrictions in life




This is the affectionate term given to mothers by mothers

Shes a slave to them in that house



I would like to dedicate this article to my own Mam/Mammy/Mother/Slave.


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