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What Are You Up To? New Group!

Are you bored of lockdown yet are you struggling to find ways of passing time, want a chat, discussion or even want to find something new to invest your time in? Well look no further because I have created a community on Facebook called “What Are You Up To?”A place where you can find new things to do, people to speak to maybe even make new friends etc.  Join the group today and start sharing how you are making your quarantine more bearable! We are all struggling during these times and I think it is a nice idea to , if you have found a way to stay sane, share it! It also can be used as a place where people can talk laugh cry and complain with other going through the same stuff. So if you started a new book or series, rented a movie , bought a new game or just want people to interact with this is the community for you!

You are welcome to invite your friends and families to the group, the more the merrier and the more people their are the better the group works. So what are you waiting for ? Join now!

To join, follow the link below and click join group and then you will be all set!

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