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Werewolf Committee: Book Review

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Most people are lovers of digital books than hard copy books, especially books that has various genres like action, romance, supernatural abilities like werewolves, vampire, witches and many more.

I came across a book titled werewolf committee on wattpad (you can check out more books if you have an account or feel free to follow and check my library at oland-b which is my username). This book consists of comedy, romance, friction, elements and mates.

The book was ranked 11th best out of 189 thousand plus stories. It has over 33 million readers and it is written by El_author. In this book; every year, a student is selected for a scholarship to attend an official werewolf committee and graduate.

And in this werewolf committee, unless one is born into a rich family or is selected as a scholarship student to graduate, no one gets to meet the high society wolves. However, a girl named Elina Weitzel who was the least expected person to be on the list was chosen as the year’s scholarship student to graduate.

She possesses the qualities that the werewolf committee seeks courage, confidence, academics, athleticism, ambition, and compassion. Funny thing is that She had no idea that one of the strongest and powerful alpha Tate was also her mate. Elina was a very special person that had a secret element that people only thought was a myth.

“Elina stared him down as he was gapsing and choking out water and blood. She surprisingly drained him from every liquid in his body”. What could be the cause of her anger?  Was she aware she could do that?

What kind of element do you think she might have? It could be fire, earth, water or even air.

Reading this book will not be a mistake I highly recommend it.

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13 Responses

  1. I came across that book once
    I’m checking your library to get access to it
    Will be my first vampire werewolf fiction book

    1. you should definitely read it. You can get the soft copy on Wattpad using the link “werewolf committee on Wattpad” 🙂

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