Welcome to Ireland: Don’t get lost in the conversation



Irish Grunge Flag

Welcome to the land of conversation, opportunity and creativity, welcome to Ireland. The euphoria of living your comfort zone be it as an international student, a visitor or a tourist always hit one at some point of our lives.  The thoughts of how to fit into a new society sometimes possess a challenge. But…hey, worry not, I got you covered. Here is some Irish slang to help you become 10% Irish and follow up with some conversation.


You are acting the ‘maggot’

Interpretation:  When one ‘behaves/acts immaturely’.


She/he is a ‘bag egg’

Interpretation:  A person of ‘questionable character’.


To be ‘under the weather’

Interpretation: the state of feeling ‘ill or depressed’.


To get out of ‘the scratcher’.

Interpretation: to get ‘out of bed’



He/she is stocious/ to be stocious

Interpretation: to be ‘drunk’


He is bit of a snake

Interpretation: an ‘untrustworthy person’


When a lady is referred to as a ‘Savage bird’

Interpretation: a ‘fiercely attractive female’


He acted in a ‘mighty’

Interpretation: to act in an ‘impressive way or manner’


She/he is a ‘life and soul’

Interpretation: she/he is a ‘good company’


To ‘head off’

Interpretation: to ‘change or move location’




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