Review on Weight Watchers and Slimming World

Girl on the beach - motivation - Photo Credit - wbeem (flickr)
Girl on the beach - motivation - Photo Credit - wbeem (flickr)

Want to join Weight Watchers or Slimming world, but don’t know which one will work best for you? keep reading..

Diets - Diets Are Mean - Photo Credit Kim (flickr)
Diets – Diets Are Mean – Photo Credit – Kim (flickr)

I think it’s safe to say all girls have tried at least one diet throughout their lives, it’s what we do.

The need to be slim and bikini ready is always our top priority coming into summer. If you’re like me and you can’t go without sweets and a few drinks then I must say the Weight Watchers diet is just incredible. If you struggle with portion control then Slimming World is great.

Everyone has heard bits about slimming world and weight watchers, but you rarely speak to someone who has joined both, so you always get a very biased opinion. Three of my friends are in weight watchers and the other two girls are in slimming world.

Finding myself always in the middle of the arguments wanting to pull my hair out as I had no idea what ‘points’ or ‘syns’ meant I decided to set myself a challenge. The challenge the girls and I came up with was to join slimming world for four weeks and then quit to join weight watchers for four weeks.

We came up with all sorts of problems with this challenge before even starting. One valid point that was raised was when the time would come to quit slimming world and join weight watchers I would have lost weight already from the slimming world programme making it harder to lose in weight watchers which ultimately would allow me to believe that slimming world is better for faster weight loss.

So this turned into a challenge that went on for 12 weeks, my poor body 🙁

We finally came up with a solution that would give us the best answer, I would join four weeks of slimming world, quit for four weeks and do nothing, then go on to join weight watchers for four weeks!!.. are you still with me?

Firstly I’ve just turned 24 and I do spinning up to three times a week so that did help during both weight lose programmes. My BMI was actually correct before starting both diets, I’ve never had any major issues with my weight thankfully, but I know my diet could improve drastically. I cut my spinning classes down to two a week and focused more on the diets rather than exercise.

I’m going to break down the pros and cons of both diets and then give you my overall experience;

Weight Watchers - Photo Credit - Mike Mozart (flickr)
Weight Watchers Logo- Photo Credit – Mike Mozart (flickr)

Weight Watchers PROS;

1 – They have their own line of food products

2 – You can eat EVERYTHING

3 – You don’t have to give up take out foods or boozy nights out (AND YOU STILL LOSE)

4 – Pointing becomes second nature after just two weeks (so simple)

5 – There’s no counting in your head how many points you have left daily or writing it down and losing your sheet of paper (They have an APP to do it all for you!!!)

Weight Watchers CONS;

HMMM. . . . very few

1 – You do need to learn how to control your portions sizes

I’m afraid that’s it on the CONS.

Slimming World PROS;

1 – Yes it’s true you can eat as much as you like (of certain foods known as ‘free foods’)

2 – They have introduced a new line of foods in Iceland stores.

Slimming World CONS;

1 – Due to no portion control your body fat percentage can increase even though the scales show a loss.

2- They say you can eat everything, YOU CAN’T.

3 – Free foods such as pasta, potatoes etc, do NOT include sauces, butter, oil so it ends up plain and tasteless.

4 – The 15 ‘syn’ allowance which are your treats can be very high for one bar so again you become very restricted.

5 – The meeting I attended they called out how much you lost or gained each week which was horrible. (From what I have heard that goes for all slimming world classes)

6 – The app is a joke, impossible to use.

7 – It is a closed group so if unsure you must ask other class members on a Facebook page as you cannot Google anything regarding your food choices.

My experience of both diet programmes,

After putting my body through these two diets I am glad to have a rest and I am continuing with my winner which has to be Weight Watchers. I lost 3 pounds in total after four weeks of slimming world, and I lost 6 pounds in four weeks with weight watchers.

I just loved this diet I thought it was realistic and easy to follow and maintain any weight loss.

I went out the weekends as usual and drank my usual Corona beer with a cheeky hangover day full of food within my points so it was all guilt free.

I am now in weight watchers 10 weeks and I have never gained even with all my bad eating habits. If you find yourself out for dinner or a family gathering it is still so easy to point a using google answers that are uploaded by other weight watchers members.

Slimming world to me was just not a realistic diet in any way shape or form. I gained when I went out for a few drinks without any take away foods, I felt tried from all the carbs I was eating which you could eat as much as u wanted of these foods. It was a job to stay on top of, if you are a healthy eater and never suffer from a sweet tooth then this is for you.

I loved LOVED all the weight watchers bars and treats etc, you don’t have to buy their products to succeed in this diet, I just bought a few weight watchers treats because they were delicious 🙂

I hope this has helped anyone on the fence and questioning which may be the right choice for you. Leave any tips you may have that you feel I left out.  All the information regarding how to point your food and syn it is all explained at the meetings.

Here’s a little motivation picture to get you summer ready 😉

Girl on the beach - motivation - Photo Credit - wbeem (flickr)
Beach Babe – Photo Credit – wbeem (flickr)






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  1. This blog really helped me make the decision I was dreading .. It’s so nice to hear from a person who has done both and the fact this is so well explained and in simple terms really makes it a bonus!

    • Thank you so much, I felt it was important to try both before I gave anyone advice.. Weight Watchers all the way, let me know how you on, keep me posted 🙂

  2. Very good article, very informative haven’t know n anybody to do nothing classes, it food for thought & people really need to see what’s best for them it’s all trial & error

    • It sure is Emma, I love Weight Watchers, I also think regular exercise is vital for health and happiness and it’s just trying to find that balance as I’m a foodie haha 🙂

  3. I was always worrying about my weight so I decided to try slimming work d it worked great for me and I lost two stone, however after taking a break from it I’m finding it very hard to get back into, I always taught weight watchers would never work but after reading this it looks like I’ll give it a try, thanks 🙂 an except read btw.

    • Hi Michaela, that’s brilliant that you found something that has worked for you. My friends and cousin have tried Slimming World and loved it. Well done you’ve done it before so you will succeed. It’s great to find something that makes you feel happier and healthier, I’m such a huge fan of Weight Watchers so I’m always going to say it’s the best but it really is amazing! 🙂

  4. I’m currently doing the slimming world plan and I have to say I love it, its so easy to follow.. I.also did weight watchers a few years back and got to the weight I was happy with, although over the year’s and not sticking to the plan the weight slowly crept back up.. I prefer the slimming world plan , I’m never hungry and I find it easier to follow!!

    • Hi Tracy, thanks for sharing. That’s great to hear that you found something that works so well for you, there’s no better feeling 🙂

  5. Hi Donna
    Thanks for the information, I’ve tried slimming world several times and the most I have managed is a stone then it starts creeping back on ( and I have several stone to lose). I think this is because there is no portion control so for people like me with a humungous appetite it isn’t the one. After reading your article I’m going to try WW, I’ll keep you posted as to how I do.

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