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We were induced with money to change our minds during the general elections.

Ibrahim Shehu cast his votes in Lagos, Nigeria Saturday April 14,2007. Nigerian go to poll Saturday to vote for representstives in state Legislatures and governors of the country's of 36 states then elect a new President one week later cndidates from the federal to the state and local levels- all promise to curb graft and help Nigeria finaly gain its immense potential as Africa's biggest oil producer (Ap Photo/Sunday Alamba)

Nigerian Presidential Elections 2019
Nigerians exercising their franchise.

During the general elections that took place in Nigeria recently, people of Ayetoro community in Ondo state were given choices at the election venues, as the party agents distribute money to potential voters to buy their votes.

During an interview with of the community dweller, Aderibigbe Roseline disclosed that people did not have to think too much before making their choices as they just need to follow the highest bidder and vote for them. After she was asked why it was easy for people to change their minds at the polling units, she said the government have constantly failed the expectations of the people, and that is the only time they have to benefit little from the government money. She also said that; “when these people that are seeking their votes finally get to these offices with their votes, they forget about the people that voted them into power, instead of losing totally, let us gain little when we have the chance.”

When asked if the action of taking money before voting for candidates will have any effect when they get to the office, she replied that it has gotten to the point where people are no longer expecting much from public office holders. They always go there to loot the public money and they do not have good intention concerning the people. Everyone is struggling for a good life on his/her own.

She was asked if this action will have any repercussion on the young ones that are supposed to be the leaders in the future. Mrs Aderibigbe said these youths are even the ones setting the pace when it comes to demanding money for votes. She said most of them will take the money and get drunk with it that very day and forget about the next day. “From my own view, it does not affect them, the system will just keep repeating itself on and on,” she said.

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