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Watch – Visual Experience – Keyrex Trailer

Richard Keyrexx eating a sausage roll

Keyrex has been into music for as long as he can remember, rock, punk emo he has listened to it all but it’s with rap that he decides to share his passion for music. Young and determined, originally from Waterford, he moved in Dublin to give a kick-start to his career earlier this year. He happened to need a video maker and I happened to need videos to make… quite a good match.

In this ‘Visual Experience’ (fancy word for “trippy video”), we present you a trailer for an in-process music video for Keyrex, young Dublin-based Rapper.

In order to make good visuals, one of the key points is to find a good source for your idea. In this video, the background is a NASA footage of the galaxy, that I screen-recorded, edited and looped. Furthermore, a black and white effect gives the whole scene great looks. The ‘glitch’ effect that you can see is not as hard as it seems, once you find a Good Tutorial*, anything is possible. The passing shots are sneak peeks of movies and of the next music video that will be released by KEYREX, directed by myself.

KEYREX is a young Irish rapper whose line hit heavy and flow hits gradually. If you want to check more of his work, you can find him on SoundCloud. The video will be first released on Instagram so make sure to follow @richardkeyrexx to stay tuned!










*This is just one tutorial but there are a lot out there for almost everything, here are two channels that teach this kind of effect:


Peter McKinnon

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