Watch The Northern Lights LIVE From Senja

Photo Credit: Lars Tiede
Photo Credit: Lars Tiede

According to Norwegian news site Medier24, Anders Hanssen from VisitSenja
has come up with a great idea – making it possible watching the northern lights
from Senja in Norway LIVE wherever you are in the world. Hanssen has set up a
camera to shoot the spectacular skies – streaming it in HD through YouTube.

From the website Zooom, you can watch the green and pink waves of light.
According to the website Zooom, who are collaborating with Hanssen and
VisitSenja on the project, the camera is custom built to shoot in extreme
lighting conditions. That includes the pitch black North Norwegian night,
which is a prerequisite to be able to see the incredible natural phenomenon.

Photo Credit: Carsten Frenzl
Northern Lights in Norway                                                                                                                                         Photo Credit: Carsten Frenzl

Living in the south parts of Norway or anywhere else in the world, there’s a
huge chance that you have never seen the northern lights. Even though
there are plenty of spectacular photos and videos to enjoy online. Few
experiences can match what it feels like to stand directly beneath the
intense northern lights on a cold winter night. You should definitely try!

Photo Credit: Lars Tiede
Northern Lights in Norway                                                                                                                                              Photo Credit: Lars Tiede

The Circular will also highly recommend the app Norway Lights (available for
both iOSAndroid and Windows) On this app you can get information about
where in Norway the northern lights most likely will be visible at the exact time.

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