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Watch – Life During COVID-19

By Gabriel Colman

Since late December last year until the moment this post was written, over three million people have been contaminated with the novel coronavirus and more than 200 thousand died as a result.

After starting in China, the virus slowly spread to Europe where it would shock the world with its fast progression. Italy, once the worst-hit country in the world, has now four times fewer cases than the United States, the new epicentre of the disease.

While governments try to figure out ways of saving the economy, most people stay home amid the worst health crisis of a generation.

But what exactly are they doing while locked home, whether in a small apartment in a block of buildings or roaming free in the countryside away from other people? What they expect life to be like in the world of COVID-19 and how have their lives changed since the pandemic started?

With the contribution of over 30 people scattered around Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Luxembourg who sent videos and audio messages telling their routine and thoughts about life during and after coronavirus. “Life during COVID-19” is a short documentary reflecting over those questions.


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