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Watch – Captain Green, The Next Avenger

Captain Green In His Costume - From Youtube

Captain Green is a SuperHero who fights global warming on the local level. When he was only eight years old, he lost his best friend to an oil spill, since then he can’t stand pollution anymore.

This video is a parody of a Super Hero movie trailer; the ‘sad’ backstory, the training, the motivational speech, the presentation of the costume, etc.. a pastiche making fun of the codes of the genre.

The idea comes from these long days that we all currently experience, the goal was to represent the personification of the younger generation concerning climate change, a Kick-ass/Deadpool style focused on humor and surprises. Of course, none of this is to be taken seriously, there is no movie to be released, Hollywood didn’t call us back.

Besides the joke, cap’ green is a reminder of the everyday gestures we can do to improve our carbon footprint, small gestures that accumulated improve the overall well being of us all, and as seen by the many protests all around the globe, it seems that he is not the only one willing to fight.

This video was shot on a Canon 250EDS, using the built-in mic (which explains the wind) and edited with PremierPro.

No person or entity associated with this film received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of tobacco products. No animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture.


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