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Watch: A tale of two graveyards

Palmerstown Cemetery - Abigail Malone

In Irish society graveyards and burial grounds are steeped in tradition and history. In Ballyfermot and Palmerstown in west Dublin there are two burial sites only a few kilometers from each other with two very different stories. One is a place where the dead are respected, the other is a place where the dead are forgotten.

The video below documents the tale of these two graveyards.

A Tale of Two Graveyards – Abigail Malone

Located in the heart of an estate the Palmerstown cemetery is a well respected and well kept graveyard. Opened in 1978 to cater for the growing Dublin population the Palmerston cemetery is part of the Glasnevin trust which looks after several cemetery’s around Dublin. Upon visiting Palmerstown cemetery it is clear that, as per Irish tradition, the burial grounds and the lives of those laid to rest there are respected with pathways to each grave so that no one needs to walk over a grave and maintenance and gardening done regularly at the cemetery.

Palmerstown Cemetery – Abigail Malone

In contrast to this the Ballyfermot Graveyard, formerly known as St. Lawrence’s Graveyard on Le Fanu road, has been covered over by the county council to extend Raheen Park. Local residents, historians, and family members of those buried there have been petitioning and requesting local government to create an appropriate memorial and honor the lives that were buried there.

Let us know if you agree with the request by local residents to commemorate the hidden graveyard in Ballyfermot and what your opinion is on this issue in the comments below.

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