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Watch – “A century of Pandemic”

A Century Of Pandemic - YouTube

“A century of pandemic” is a short video checking our last century’s history in regard to current events. By its fast-spreading ability and potential lethality, COVID-19 is considered to be one of the most dangerous modern-day viruses, thanks to this small history we can better understand where he stands in comparison to previous pandemics. If China today seems to be slowly going back normal, it seems that this ‘freedom’ still comes with a few costs.

In this big mess, every country plays on its own, even in Europe where capitals lack solidarity toward the rest of their country, every sector of every country is impacted. No doubt that there will be lessons to learn from all that, probably even imagine a “globalization 2.0” like few politics are already talking about. (Check World Economic Forum)

As the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga showed, the period following the Black Death in Europe turned out to be the “waning of the Middle Ages.” For him, the real story was not just the economic aftereffects of a pandemic, but the mysticism, irrationalism, and xenophobia that eventually brought an end to a universalist culture. Likewise, it is entirely possible that COVID-19 will precipitate the “waning of globalization.”

World Economic Forum.

No one can predict what the world will be like, how this pandemic will end and at what cost, but it seems that our world will go through changes. With a point of irony: globalization won’t be rediscussed because of the catastrophic global warming effect on the globe, called for years by ecologists, but a virus, acting on the tiniest of livings: microbes. In both cases, it seems though that our worst enemy is invisible and requires a massive mobilization.

This Video is not aiming to be sad, just a reminder of the past to learn about the future.


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