Washington proposes its defense to Seoul and Tokyo

After the third North Korean nuclear test on Monday, Barack Obama reaffirmed on Wednesday the commitment of the United States to protect Japan, including thanks to the ” nuclear American umbrella “.

Mr. Obama and Shinzo Abe, waited in Washington by the end of the month, ” evoked the North Korean nuclear test, and the appropriate answer which they could bring to this provocating violation of its international obligations by North Korea “, indicates a communiqué of the White House.

Mr. Obama ” reaffirmed that the United States remained unwavering in their will to protect Japan, including thanks to the dissuasion offered by the American nuclear umbrella “, adds the communiqué.

Messrs Obama and Abe ” also promised to work closely to find an answer adequate to the United Nations Security Council “.

As you can see on this video of the BBC UN Security Council “strongly condemns” the nuclear test :

Fears in South Korea

According to a person in charge of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shinzo Abe also spoke on Wednesday to the president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak. Japan and South Korea are two of the neighbors the closest to North Korea, and the most threatened by the possible vague desires of the regime of Pyongyang. South Korea presented, on Thursday, a new capable cruise missile, according to it, to reach the offices of the North Korean leader. The American secretary in the defense, Leon Panetta, spoke to his South Korean counterpart, Kim Kwan-jin, of ” immediate coordinated actions ” after the North Korean nuclear test, announced on Wednesday the spokesman of the Pentagon, George Little. During their phone conversation, Leon Panetta ” repeated the American commitment “, including as regards the American nuclear umbrella, ” to defend South Korea against an aggression “, asserts mister . Little in a communiqué.

South Korea and North Korea are always technically at war, only a truce having ended the hostilities of period 1950-1953. The North Korean nuclear test instigates the tensions on the Korean peninsula at the approach of the nomination, planned February 25th, of the new South Korean president, Park Geun-hye.

During its State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, president Barack Obama promised a ” firm action ” in front of “provocations” of North Korea, which had led a few hours earlier its third nuclear test. American Secretary of State, John Kerry, exhorted, on Wednesday, the international community to answer ” with strength ” the third North Korean nuclear test, in the purpose also to send a warning in Iran and his controversial nuclear program.

This essay was of a power much superior to both precedents of 2006 and 2009, and cprovoked a concert of condemnations and a strong reaction of United Nations. Combined) as a matter of urgency, the UN Security Council –  has ” firmly condemned ” this new nuclear test and announced which it was going to try hard to take the ” appropriate measures ” by means of a new resolution.


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