The Warren Beatty situation and what does it says about our values

We live in a time where social groups are strongly divided. Women, black people, LGBT and other groups are fighting for their rights and deconstructing social concepts that are rooted in our society, which is absolutely fantastic.

The Oscar’s edition was really….remarkable, I believe. Moonlight, a movie about a black gay guy won in the Oscar’s main category, breaking tabus and racial bias. In a memorable moment, the production team composed basically by black men took over the stage that was being occupied by the white producers of La La Land that were mistakenly announced as the winners by Faye Funaway and Warren Beatty, the famous couple that interpreted Bonnie & Clyde.

However, the message here is not only about equality and strength.

The producer Jordan Horowitz (La La Land) received compliments by maintain an extremely professional attitude towards that awkward situation, but he did it being extremely disrespectful with Warren Beatty, who is 79 years old. Horowitz roughly pull out the wrong envelope from Beatty’s hands (who was saving the envelope for the director Barry Jenkins) and announced himself the true winner, Moonlight.


Announcing the Best Picture’s wrong winner wasn’t Oscar’s biggest mistake

While I was reading articles about the misunderstanding, I noticed loads of articles making fun of…Beatty. Yes, making fun of a 79-year-old great actor. Critics and bloggers said that he was having difficulties of reading the envelope. Others even said that Hollywood had to stop putting old men to present awards. Did I really read that?

It is easier for Hollywood to blame and old men of a mistake that he didn’t make than admitting that something bigger happened. He was visibly embarrassed and it was really unfair, as a mistake that wasn’t his fell on his hands and the responsible is probably half of his age.

What we see here is that we are selfish people. We support and fight for our right, for the respect to be whatever we want to be, LGBT, black, straight, man, woman, queer, transsexual, whatever. But it seems like we just forgot that old value that our parents told us: respect for the elderly.

It seems like we never think that eventually we will all grow old. Old people been through a whole life and deserve, more than any other, respect and admiration.

The lack of coverage about the attitude towards Horowitz and Beatty only reveals that our generation don’t have empathy with old people. Our generation thinks that they will never grow old, after all, growing old is not a thing that we have to worry about today.

Fight and demand for a better and more empathic world is not about looking only for ourselves and definitely is not about thinking only about the present. We have to start to admit that we WILL grow old and we have to see the hard time that old people suffer everyday. Not only by the ageing itself, but by us, old people seems to be forgotten.

What happened in the Oscar’s is a huge victory for the black and LGBT people, but look after a respectful future is the only fight that all the groups can act together and people just don’t care.
A fight doesn’t weaken another fight. And we all deserve respect.



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