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Wanderlust: women travelling alone

Credit: JamesZ_Flickr (Flickr)

The season for vacation planning is approaching, and many of us are looking for an exotic and distant place. Whether with friends, the partner or alone, a holiday is important for many people. But what if nobody is available for the planned period or what if the holiday destination is not on the bucket list for others? Should one then rather change the country and the period or can one imagine travelling alone? Especially women need a little more overcoming in the latter case. Here are a few facts and tips to help female vacationers decide to go solo. Click on the blogs listed below and enjoy the wanderlust.

Credit: Giuseppe Milo (Flickr)

Recently, the number of women travelling alone has increased. Also in my environment, there are women who want to travel alone. In the beginning, they are all in the same planning phase – where, when and how long. Many websites specialize more and more in solo travel. Especially for women, there are many organizations and websites that provide tips and advice. And today there are many bloggers sharing their experiences with their followers. Those who are looking for an outdoor adventure may consider Delaware river canoeing, hiking, a white water rafting experience, and many other activities.

The trend to travel alone has grown lately. One of the reasons, according to 79 percent of respondents to the ABTA Holiday Habits Report 2016, is the ability to do whatever you want. This report also shows that the number of women (12%) is almost the same as for men (14%). Only the reasons are different: women (51%) want to discover new destinations and men (45%) would much rather meet new people.

When travelling alone, one must take no account of the needs and wishes of fellow travellers and even getting a break and taking a rest would be much easier. Women see solo travel as a way to demonstrate their independence to themselves and the world. Finally, the stories and moments belong only to you. Thus, is the beginning of each blog article, but often comes directly after the dreamy introduction, the reality. Travelling alone as a woman also harbors its dangers and you should always trust your gut instincts and avoid risks.

In order for nothing to get in the way of travelling alone, you should always first inform yourself about the culture and dangerous areas. The following tips can also be helpful:

  • Do not wear jewellery and the camera to be seen.
  • Copy and scan your passport and save it on both a USB stick and your Dropbox. This also applies to tickets and bookings.
  • Always tell the Ho(s)tel employee what you are doing and where you are going.
  • Secure the laptop and credit cards in a PacSafe (backpack with a combination lock) in the Ho(s)tel.
  • To fight back: self-defence course (before the trip) or whistle (belongs in the suitcase). No pepper spray or knife that can be used against you.
  • Never drive with unlicensed taxis.
  • Wear the same clothes as the locals. Adapt yourself.
  • Always learn a few words of the native language to communicate in situations.
  • Know everything about your destination country.
  • Where is the next embassy?

The following bloggers could provide you with far-reaching and interesting tips for your next trip alone, and make the wanderlust even bigger:

Credit: Giuseppe Milo (Flickr)
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