Viral Aftermath: Why I never want to get my wisdom teeth removed

Wisdom teeth are an issue for the majority of people. More often than not, they are extracted. Most people realise their wisdom teeth are growing in between the ages of 16 and 25, but it is also quite common for them to grow during your 30’s. While we do not have a need for our wisdom teeth, it is believed that they were used by our ancestors, who had a more intense diet and larger mouths. Through evolution, our mouths became smaller and our diets lighter, but our wisdom teeth did not stop growing. This is one of the main reasons why wisdom teeth are often impacted.

Dentists now recommend allowing impacted wisdom teeth to remain in the mouth unless they are causing serious issues for patients, such as infections, chronic pain or cavities. I currently have all 4 of my wisdom teeth growing in, and all 4 of them are impacted. So far, the dentist has not recommended I have them removed as they are not causing my any serious issues. Admittedly, I hope that I never have to have them removed. I had a fear of dentists up until earlier this year, and the thought of having to go through a procedure such as extraction scares me. But that’s not my main reason why I have an issue with having my wisdom teeth removed.

I recently prowled through the depths of YouTube, finding funny videos that had become viral. Through my search, I happened to fall upon a video with over 1 million views, entitled “Murdered My Wisdom Tooth”. It’s a heart-warming story, about a girl who asks for forgiveness after having her wisdom teeth extracted.

This video helped me realise my issue with having to possibly have my wisdom teeth extracted. I don’t fear the pain that will follow afterward. I don’t fear the feeling of my teeth being removed, 2 of which are still underneath the bone and will require more than a simple tooth extraction. I don’t even fear the fact that wisdom teeth removal is considered a minor surgery in many cases. I fear the fact that I’ll be put under some kind of anaesthesia and will be completely unaware of what I’ll say or do in the time following the procedure.

Who knows what I could reveal? Some of my deepest, darkest, innermost secrets would most likely be revealed to people I really don’t want knowing my thoughts. I could realise, like the girl above, that my wisdom teeth always felt a part of me and that I feel lost without them. Or maybe, I could be one of the lucky ones and the experience could lead to an amazing high, like this teenage boy.

Everyone’s experience with their wisdom teeth is different. Maybe your wisdom teeth have yet to appear, or maybe they will never appear. Have you had your wisdom teeth extracted? Did it lead to a hilarious story like these two? Let us know in the comments. Hopefully, your story was or will end up being like Cody’s, and all you need to do…is eat.

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