Vine turns one – Have you had your six seconds of fame yet?

Vine, Photo Credit, dalioPhoto (Flickr)

Facebook wasn’t the only social network to celebrate a major birthday recently.  Vine a video sharing social platform celebrated its first birthday recently marking the end of what has been an incredibly successful year.

Vine a Twitter owned app was created to make video capture and editing as easy as possible.  Whilst skeptics said its six second capacity wouldn’t work they have been forced to eat their words with over 40 million users worldwide currently and counting.  Like Twitter users are forced to get creative due to Vine’s extremely limited time frame. These creative six-second stories have taken the world by storm and Vine was this year’s fastest-growing app .

Vine, Photo Credit, dalioPhoto (Flickr)
Vine, Photo Credit, dalioPhoto (Flickr)

High-profile users include One Direction’s Harry Styles, actor Ryan Gosling even Barack Obama as well as global brands like Burberry and Adidas. Vine has also created its own celebrities with users like Brittany Furlan and Nicolas Megalis gaining cult followings.

To mark Vine’s first birthday, here is a taster of what users have been enjoying over the past twelve months!

This Vine video, produced by Kevy Pizza, was one of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival #6SecFilms winners.

One of the most popular Vines, Norman the Scooter Dog was uploaded on the app’s second day by Jeff Elder and has been shared on Facebook over 12,000 times.

The previously mentioned high profile Viner, aspiring actress  Brittany Furlan has a variety of Vine personas, here she shares her take on Kelis’s famous milkshake song assisted by her long-suffering father.

Obama has even got involved in the Vine craze. When the Make a Wish Foundation pulled off one of the best wishes all time, Miles Scott became Bat Kid for the day, saving Gotham and earning a personal kudos from the US president.

Do you use Vine and if so feel free to share your own Vine creations below!



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  1. It is isn’t it? It actually won an award! I have lost alot of time laughing at Vine videos since I was introduced to it!

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