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VIDEO – Understand Iraq’s situation

Mass anti-government demonstrations took place in Iraq for four days. These renewed protests came weeks after an earlier wave of rallies. Demonstrators denounced government corruption, unemployment and lack of public services. They want the government resignation and a new Constitution to replace the actual, voted in 2005 under American supervision. They also demand the end of Iran’s influence in the country. The Iraqi government has decided to respond by violence. Security forces are allowed to use live rounds and tear gases canisters. They threw it on protesters to disperse them. Since the beginning of the contestation, at least 220 protesters have been killed and more than 8 000 injured. On Tuesday 29th, the Iraqi Ministry of Planning started a strike in Baghdad in solidarity with the protesters. Some deputy of the Iraqi Assembly has begun a sit-in. Dentists’ union also declared its full support to demonstrators in going down on the street with them. They announced one week of general protests. The social movement is growing. Thousands of people are demonstrating in many parts of the country to ask government resignation.

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