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Video: Past & Future of Mario Kart (Tour)

Since 1980 the main character Mario is played and loved by many. Mario’s character was developed due to the technology those days with only a few pixels available for the character’s presence on screen.

The result: a mustache (so that a mouth wasn’t needed), a hat because less hair was needed, he wears a dungaree because his walking (separation from the arms to the body and legs) is better to see through the different cloth colours. He is a middle-aged man, Italian, chubby, carpenter with superhuman powers (e.g. he can jump higher than a human could spring). His girlfriend is princess peach (Nintendo, n.d.b). Different social classes, the working class, and the upper class, coming together. His tasks, in the beginning, was to rescue the princess.

The first Mario Kart game was available on the SNES console in 1992. Mario Kart is a racing game which can be played with a console, online and in the following Japanese year with a smartphone.

Nintendo announced that a NEW game will be released around March 2019!


Mario Kart Tour

is going to be the new Mario Kart game for smartphones and tablets. Released in the next financial year, which means between April 2018 and March 2019 (it is a Japanese company which adheres to a different calendar) (Byford, 2018). It should be available for iOS and Android devices (Peppiatt, 2018). This is quite a big change because Nintendo refused many years to enter the smartphone game market. Nintendo didn’t say much about the new game, writer Emma Boyle said that there is “still something of a mystery” (Boyle, 2018) because we know anything about it, any details about the game or something about the pricing model.



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