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Video on lockdown : The current stituation in Ireland

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Lockdown is a big thing in everyone’s lives nowadays and it may be new for everyone who doesn’t like to stay at home. But most of them are making an effort to stay at home. I know it is difficult. With the technology by your side, you want to spend your time with your roommates by watching movies and playing games together.  It is the most crucial time for us to take part in this intensive steps to eradicate the problems so that we could come back victorious. It may be looking bad but it is the right thing to do.

According to a recent report by the, Ireland’s number of death reached 46  and the National Public Health Emergency Team confirm the new 200 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 2,615. Ireland is now in the lockdown. Many shops are closed only essential shops like Spar, Tesco, centra, Pharmacies, and Gas stations are open. However, the stores are very much taking prevention. There are a lot of signposts for consumers to be aware of. The roads look empty with no life. But, the government has allowed people to arrived at 2.2km from their house only in one condition, go get their supplies for their house. As I was walking after 16 days of homestay for the first time, I saw people are still walking to get some fresh air and clear their minds. I hope the government will stop this virus and find a vaccine as soon as possible. So, that we can soon go out and unite with our friends and family.

In this video, I have blogged the lockdown that is currently happening in Ireland due to the spread of COVID19. The situation is getting worse and people are fighting back by staying at home and protecting their loved ones, family and community.

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