Video Interview: Zimbabwean student in Ireland talks Mugabe resignation

The Circular spoke to Tahlia Peppard, a Zimbabwean student currently studying in Ireland about the build-up to Mugabe’s resignation and what lies in the future for the country.


On Tuesday, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe resigned after much anticipation and before the possibility that he could be impeached. The former President held the position for over 37 years, during which he went from toppling white-minority rule to overseeing a series of punishing economic crises and escalating political repression.

As the worlds oldest head of state, Jacob Mudenda, speaker of the country’s Parliament announced the 93-year-old was quitting “with immediate effect,” in a letter written by Mugabe himself.

Robert Mugabe - Photo Credit Al Jazeera English (flickr)
Robert Mugabe – Photo Credit Al Jazeera English (flickr)

The resignation was celebrated by the people of Zimbabwe and all over the world.

We are going to build a better Zimbabwe… to work again and open businesses

Going forward, it is most likely the next President of Zimbabwe will be Emmerson Mnangagwa who according to Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary of state for African affairs under President Obama, is “a clone of President Robert Mugabe“.

Let’s hope whoever is the next ruler of Zimbabwe, can restore the country to its former glories.

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