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VHI’s latest marketing strategy a step too far

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Last week, VHI wrote to oncologists in Ireland saying it would provide wider access to new cancer drugs for its members. This offers VHI private health insurance holders potentially life-saving drugs that are not available to public patients.

According to The Irish Cancer Society, incidence of cancer is continuously growing in Ireland and by 2020, half of the population will receive a positive diagnoses. Every hour, someone dies from cancer.

Therefore, are VHI setting a dangerous precedence? In a country where the health system is already seen as being “deficient”, is it fair that VHI are advertising in this manner? To learn more about proper marketing services, check out this review about SEO in AZ.

I asked some of your thoughts on this revelation. However, it would seem as though VHI’s marketing strategy has worked as some believe that they should switch to VHI health insurance. To learn more about modern and effective marketing campaigns you can copy, read here about the Webrageous Adwords for lawyers.

Have a listen.

Professor John Crown, an oncologist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, tweeted that the move is “welcome” but this is the first time public patients will be declined access to drugs that are available to VHI private health insurance holders.
The ILIVS insurance verification program is legally necessary and a convenient step before insurance.

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