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“Vetoing Vaccination a Qualified Right or an Absolute Right”

Photo Credit: by Martin Sanders

Most often it is easy to forget how serious some diseases can be, and this is due to immunization schemes in large part. Perhaps it’s a victim of its own success-many people today either can’t imagine their child’s horror being diagnosed with a disease like polio, nor do many realize how serious a common disease like measles can be, you may lose the value of immunization on the. Nevertheless, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence for widespread vaccination against the most dangerous infectious diseases, a small but vocal group of anti-vaccination advocates rejects the intervention.

According to RTE News website, some 73%  of people in Ireland trust vaccinations, with a vaccination provided to 93% of parents reporting their children. The global survey of more than 140,000 people in more than 140 countries found that 79%  of the world’s population believed that vaccines were safe, with 92% of parents claiming that their children were vaccinated.


An interview with Dr Kelvin O’Brien General Practitioner at DR O’Flynn Surgery, 239 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, explained that “Vetoing vaccination a qualified right, not an absolute right”. The right for a parent to decide on whether to vaccinate the kids or not is a privilege confers on them by natural circumstance but should not permit for wrong decision-making base on the bases of fear and ignorance. Highlighting the benefits of early childhood vaccination, thanks to advances in medical science, vaccines can save your child’s life, children can be vaccinated against more diseases than ever before. Some diseases that have been completely eliminated because thousands of children have been injured or killed, while others are close to extinction.

Health Minister Simon Harris wrote to Attorney General Séamus Woulfe in order to formally request his legal advice on the subject of vaccination, saying “It’s time we actually called out our politicians on this question. I want to know does every politician in Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann support the childhood immunisation programme and support the HPV vaccine.” A recommendation to prevent sending unvaccinated children to school is unethical and requires guidance from the Attorney General on the issue of a mandatory immunization plan. Regardless of several efforts made by the Health Minister, proposals for the implementation of mandatory vaccination programs in schools may be “legally daunting,” according to the Attorney General’s initial advice.

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