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‘People were kind about them but there was an air of suspicion that they were the crusty mad hippies from down the road…’

Waking at sunrise and running into the sea at Greystones beach for a morning swim – this begins a day in the life of happy–go–lucky twins ‘The Happy Pear,’ Dave and Steve Flynn.

It is difficult to keep up with the success of the Flynn twins, who hail from Greystones in Co. Wicklow.

After years of experimenting with food from all corners of the world, The Happy Pear (pair) were quite literally ahead of their time in relation to vegan and vegetarian food. Their impressive passion and dedication to producing wholesome food for all the family stemmed from their days growing up in Greystones.

I spoke to their ‘People Operations manager,’ Conor Kirwan, also a Greystones native, who says when ‘Dave and Steve both finished college they went travelling independently to various parts of the world… despite being separated, they continued to share a strong vision for the future; to set up a business at home in Greystones to sell their food.’

Little did they know back then; their unending charisma and luck has now landed them with an impressive seaside café and restaurant in their home village, a best-selling cook-book, a slot on Jamie Oliver’s cookery show and a huge following on social media.

Conor says that ‘travelling changed their perspective on things and they wanted to do something that was non corporate and something that contributed to people’s greater well-being.’

Therefore, ‘The Happy Pear’ was born.

Check out the famous pair’s Healthy Emerald Green Smoothie below, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day…

The enthusiastic brothers have always loved leading an active healthy lifestyle, which is instilled in their kids today.

Conor laughs as he remembers growing up with the pair – ‘people were kind about them but there was an air of suspicion that they were the crusty mad hippies from down the road.’

The sheer speed at how The Happy Pear has grown into a brand is remarkable.

The iconic brand has its own line of food produce under the same name here .

Conor says that ‘the relationship we have with Musgraves and independent stores is fantastic – our main products are our granola, pesto’s, hummus and our sprouts… all products are made by The Happy Pear though our own specific recipes.’ They have just sold over 100,000 copies of their cookbook and are in the top 5 best selling cookbooks in Ireland!

Their café and restaurant is packed to the brim at any moment of the day, especially at weekends.

When I asked Conor if the twins meet fans on a daily basis he said ‘I have seen hordes of teenage girls screaming at them as if they’re rock stars – and it can be a little bit over-whelming at times. You say to yourself is this actually for real?’

He continues to say ‘there has been no bad experiences and certainly the boys always stop to have a chat and a ‘matcha latte’ with their fans – they love meeting all of their followers. They certainly make me feel very welcome and very at home too.’

Dave and Steve are hugely active on social media – focused in terms of communicating their brand and their mission. Conor says their Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter presence has provided a ‘giant platform to creating a positive energy – it’s all about engaging people.’

When I asked Conor if The Happy Pear brand ever impacts on family time he says ‘they are very much the epitome of the brand and they live the brand and they are the brand, they’re on 24/7…this certainly does not get in the way of family time – very often their children will be down with us and hanging out.’

Conor says that he could be in the middle of a conversation in their Greystones café ‘and one of the kids could come in to show you a picture or a toy and that’s what can be quite magical about The Happy Pear as well.’ The friendly and laid-back atmosphere shines through every window of the café.

Conor says that ‘despite the business being very important, their families do come first and we all know their kids, we know their partners. It really is lovely and inspiring!’

When asked about how to describe The Happy Pear’s mantra in one sentence, Conor says ‘the key is making small changes to yourself and to your eating habits – there is no faffing about the bush – they say ‘eat more veg!’ ’

They focus very much on their own people and creating that work – life balance.

So what is next for The Happy Pear? Expand the business internationally? Continue to amaze people from all over the world with their incredible sunrise photos?

Conor says ‘our headcount at the moment is 105 employees. Dave and Steve’s input with regard to recipes and so on is absolutely huge. They dedicate time and space to their own people and are 110% behind any feedback they receive.’

A very exciting future indeed for The Happy Pear and their followers.

By: Ciara O’Rourke

Snapchat: ciarablondie

Instagram: ciaracork




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